High-Value Extremely Wear-Resistant Powders for High-Value Applications

— Extremely hard core particles coated with nano-layers of tough tungsten carbide and strong cobalt or nickel binder —
— Al2O3, Ti(C,N), SiC, cBN, diamond, B4C, and other core materials (over 30 core types under patent) —

Solid Bodies

When exceptional wear-resistance over cemented carbides is required, and the costs of a PCD solution are prohibitive…

  • 7x-10X Greater Wire Die Life Than Cemented Carbide Dies
  • Significantly Outperforms CVD-Coated Machine Tools
  • Extremely Durable Inserts for Oil & Gas Drilling Tools
  • Exceptional Ballistics & Personal Protection Equipment Capabilities

Surface Coatings

When a critical, wear-resistant coating is a small portion of total system cost, but has a large impact on total system performance…

  • Low Porosity (<1%) Using Common Thermal Spray Application Methods
  • Extreme Hardness Increase (>50%) In Laser Applications
  • Enables Multi-Layer Overlap Application Without Surface Cracking
  • Allows For Customizable Thermal Conductivity Designs

"EternAloy® TCHP...The Unsurpassed Leader In Combined Hardness And Toughness Performance."

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